Casey Sayre Public Relations | Meredith Red / Vice President, Director of Technology & Digital Media AT&T PR Manager, AT&T Spokesperson for Greater LA
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Meredith Red / Vice President, Director of Technology & Digital Media AT&T PR Manager, AT&T Spokesperson for Greater LA

Meredith Red

Meredith Red is vice president and director of technology and digital media for Casey & Sayre and is spokesperson and PR manager for AT&T in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She creates and directs traditional and new media campaigns for AT&T mobility, U-verse, landline, retail stores and products in 10 Southland counties. She creates game changing ideas like the AT&T Mobile Review that partners technology and entertainment and generates millions of impressions. She founded and leads Tech Talk Tuesdays in LA bringing “tech heads” together from diverse worlds.

A trailblazer in inventing new techniques and content, Meredith has created a personality for broadcast and blogs where she is known as The App Chick. She reviews apps and talks tech with news anchors, broadcast personalities and bloggers. Meredith has been with Casey & Sayre for over 10 years and has launched dozens of national and hyper-local campaigns. With digital media becoming a huge presence in the world of PR, Meredith spearheaded Casey & Sayre’s outreach into this arena. In 2008, her pioneering blog, The Americana at Brand’s “Countdown to Grand Opening,” had hundreds of thousands of hits and won a YouTube award for creative content.

A graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, Mo., Meredith was a popular disc jockey on local radio station KWWC. She lives in Brentwood with her husband and her dogs, Cider and Eggnog. She is a passionate board game competitor and collects ‘50s and ‘60s board games. An eBay addict, she also is a pop culture commentator extraordinaire.