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Pablo Ortega / Digital Strategist & Social Media Manager

Pablo OrtegaPablo graduated from San Diego State University and Carlos III University in Madrid with B.S. degrees in journalism and media communications. He’s worked with several publications for the past eight years, including Condé Nast Traveler and Gizmodo, which has allowed him to grow his social media following and have a broad knowledge about audiences and how to engage with them. He’s become an expert in Digital Branding and Social Media and manages communities with millions of followers.

He knows how to build a brand online, grow it, expand its message and get followers to interact with it. He’s created successful campaigns for clients like Truthdig, where he’s implementing new social media tools available for publishers to nurture their content. He’s also served as the Hispanic spokesperson for AT&T and has been featured on NBC and Telemundo many times. He manages the Hispanic department at Casey Sayre PR.

His biggest addiction is traveling to new places and sharing his adventures with readers and social media followers.